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On this site you can see that there are now thousands of images in sets ranging from ‘Animals’ to ‘Weird, wacky English’. One of the ideas behind the project is to provide teachers with images that are not covered by ordinary Copyright restrictions, which can be very limiting for teachers. Each of the #eltpics images is protected by a Creative Commons license. The license associated with #eltpics is Attribution Non-Commercial Use.

In practical terms, this is quite straightforward in most areas. Teachers are free to use the images in class and when making worksheets for students (as long as these are not then sold.) Teachers and students are also welcome to use the images (and adaptations of them) in blogs for professional development or for student blogs etc.

One area which has caused some concern, however, has been the use of #eltpics in blogs/ webpages which use advertising. If the revenue from the advertising goes to the blogger/ author then that blog page and its content are commercial and, as such, the use of an #eltpics image is not allowed under the CC license. However, one thing to remember is that you can always get in touch with the photographer directly and they can waive any of the conditions.