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The idea has remained pretty much the same since then. Every two weeks teachers and folks in ELT are invited to take and share photos on a given theme. This theme is publicised on facebook and twitter by the now curators: @cgoodey, @elt_pics, @fionamau, @JulieRaikou, @mkofab, @sandymillin, and @vickyloras using the hashtag #eltpics. This means that if you have a Facebook account or a Twitter account and follow the hashtag eltpics, you will be kept up to date. People then post the picture directly to facebook or tweet the URL of a photograph they have taken on that given subject (or any of the subjects set previously) like this:

The image on the left shows that Ian James has uploaded a photo to flickr and shared that image with us while Jeremy Harmer has directly shared a photo from his phone to twitter. Anyone is more that welcome join in at any time and send a tweet with the URL of a photograph and the eltpics hashtag. The curators follow the Facebook group and the twitter hashtag stream and then upload these photos to our eltpics photo-sharing flickr site: